TRAVELING SHOTS: NYC 16 min, color, video, 2014

"Diane Nerwen’s 2014 film Traveling Shots: NYC, exhibited in carriage trade’s Picture City III in 2016, describes an urban odyssey which draws on seven decades of movies filmed on location in New York City. Making our way through the subways, streets, and highways in and around what might be the most filmed metropolis on the planet, Nerwen’s subject, unlike the many films that it’s derived from, is the environment of the city itself.

Rarely revealing the faces of actors whom we may recognize, Traveling Shots emphasizes the complex choreography of routine movements within a city of eight million people. Assembled from a vast archive of the less glamorous bits of Hollywood films that appropriate New York as a backdrop, the background is brought forward, reversing the hierarchy of star actor to city, while also threading through several decades of films to arrive at a new semblance of a whole.

In the absence of an identity driven narrative that adopts urban clichés of grit or glamour to support or enhance a particular storyline, Nerwen’s film liberates the fixed subject / viewer relationship, replacing it with a kind of utilitarian mindset that many of us adopt as we navigate the city in our everyday lives. As it teases out non-fiction elements underneath the representations of popular media, Traveling Shots: NYC creates a kind documentary effect through the rearrangement and reconstruction of the process through which the city is perpetually fictionalized."

-Text by Peter Scott, carriage trade, NY 
Public Images 

Selected screenings: "Public Images", carriage trade, NY "Picture City lll", carriage trade, NY; VOLTA NY, carriage trade, New York, NY; 8th Glasgow Short Film Festival, Scotland, UK; Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque, NM; Athens International Film and Video Festival, OH; Victoria Film Festival, BC, Canada

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